Mr. Blue's Policies

Mr Blue’s Policies

Swim Policies

  • For diaper aged children, we ask that you double swim diaper your child– The best layer of protection is a disposable swim diaper under a reusable swim diaper. For the safety of all our super swimmer families if any child has a bowel movement in the pool or there is an incident where we have to close the pool and cancel classes, you will be charged $100
  • All boys and girls with shoulder length hair must come to class with their swim caps on ready to swim. Caps can be purchased at your local store or you can purchase one from Mr. Blue for $10.
  • Children with long hair that do not have swim caps will not be able to swim; our instructors are unable to stop class to put swim caps on so please come prepared.
  • Please remember to apply sunscreen on your children at least 20 minutes before class. We cannot allow children to have sunscreen applied right before swimming, as it washes off into the pool and becomes unsanitary for other children.
  • For the safety of our instructors please keep your child’s nails trimmed.
  • Please do not allow your child to eat or drink anything heavy prior to swim classes.

Attendance Policy

  • Swim with Mr. Blue asks that you try to make every lesson. Regular attendance is crucial to the success and swim skills of your child. As a courtesy, students attending once weekly classes will allowed one make up class per four week session; students attending our twice weekly swim classes will be allowed two makeups per four week session ;and students  attending three weekly classes they will be allowed three makeups per four week session. If your child is going to miss a scheduled swim class please email with your child’s full name and class/day they will be missing.  It is your responsibility to schedule your make-up, and the class must be made up within 7 days. You can schedule the make-up class via e-mail at to ensure the proper date and time.
  • In an effort to keep classes moving efficiently, if you miss a scheduled make-up class you will forfeit the make-up.
  • If we cancel classes due to weather there will be a message on our phone system to let you know. Please call 954-956-9955 and select option 3 then option 1 to confirm. We will email you the day/time of the makeup for this missed class.
  • Please be aware that there will be no makeup classes for the swim central voucher classes.
  • If you have scheduled the 5 day swim class and your child becomes sick and is unable to complete the week you must reschedule your class within 30 days of initial start date. If you do not complete the class and it is not rescheduled within that time frame you will forfeit the class and we will be unable to issue a refund.
  • You can always visit Mr Blue’s Facebook Page to get class updates or log in through your customer portal.


Automatic Bill Pay

  • Swim With Mr. Blue has implemented automatic bill pay for our monthly group classes. This auto renewal program helps to guarantee that you keep your child’s spot in their swim classes.
  • Your credit card information will be stored in our secure server and automatically be billed on the 3rd Saturday before your swimmers drop date.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep your credit card information up to date. If your card gets declined upon renewal we will grant a one time grace period, a processing charge  of $25 will be incurred for declined transactions thereafter.
  • If you choose not to continue with your child’s sessions you must notify us via email at TWO WEEKS prior to the end of your session or you will be automatically renewed for the next session. Once your card is charged we cannot issue a refund for that month so please be sure to keep track of your session dates by logging in through your customer account. All cancellation requests MUST be submitted via email, we must have a written, dated record of the request.
  • If you cancel sessions and then decide to re-enroll at a later date, there may be a  $10 renewal fee assessed to your account.  We understand that sometimes situations arise where you may have to stop classes for a while, we will permit a one time leave from classes and not charge the $10 renewal fee if the yearly swim insurance fee has already been paid.


*All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee

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