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CPR Training

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ever found yourself in an emergency situation? What would you do? Could you offer help? What kind of lifesaving skills would you use?

Swim with Mr. Blue offers parents and caregivers CPR and First Aid classes to help them be better prepared for emergency situations.

It is very important to take refresher CPR/ First Aid classes every year if you are a parent or caregiver and even for your workplace and in “every day” life situations.

Most people think it can never happen to them. They may say, “Oh my child is never going to fall in the pool and drown.“ or “My child would never get seriously hurt and become unconscious.”

The bottom line is that 10 out of 10 kids have had some type of accident and sometimes they are serious enough to require immediate medical attention. When seconds count and the child’s life is in danger it is IMPERATIVE that we start the chain of emergency care IMMEDIATELY!

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