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Most parents don’t ask or don’t put their children in swim classes because of these concerns. At Swim with Mr. Blue, we want your child to have the best experience possible with our friendly and qualified swim teachers.

Q What if my child is afraid of the water?

A Most children are afraid of the water if they have not had regular exposure or if they haven’t seen their parents swimming. The greatest attribute of our program is our Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue book and DVD. When children learn that Mr. Blue was afraid of the water too, they will soon relate with the character and become willing to try with a little help from our highly trained Mr. Blue swim teachers and staff.


Q Is my child too young or should I just wait until they are 18 months or older to begin?

A We recommend that your child starts taking swim classes when they are 6 months and older. In fact we offer you a discount on the baby guppies program if you prepay for your child’s 5 day program. We are confident that the earlier you start your child learning to swim in Mr. Blue’s program the sooner they will start swimming independently on their own.


Q What if my child doesn’t learn in just 5 days?

A Every child who enters our 5 day program learns how to swim back to the wall. Because some children develop differently than others you may not see extreme kicking or as successful reaching for the wall right away. That is why is it crucial to help reinforce your child’s learning by enrolling them in our Beginner Levels 2 and 3 classes immediately after the 5 day program.

**   IIf your child has a physical limitation, then we cannot offer the five day guarantee.  In addition, your child will need to practice the skills they are working on during the week in order to reinforce their learning to help them learn to swim in just five days.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is practicing what they are learning in the “Learn to Swim in Just 5 days Mr. Blue Program”.  


Q Is the fast track program going to make my child more scared?

A No, if you help encourage your child during the 5 day fast track program your child will feel proud of their accomplishments at the end of each day. If you however act nervous and don’t encourage your child to continue practicing after the 5 days then it could cause them to not want to continue swimming. Remember our children mimic what they see us and the people around them do so it is very important to mirror love and support for your child during this learning process.


Q Should I do the learn at your own pace?

A If your child is 3 and older then it would be a good idea to see what your end goals are in the time frame you would like them to be in. If you want your child to learn in just 5 days to be able to swim back to the wall then you would enroll them in the 5 Day Fast Track Tiny Tadpoles Program. If you are not in a hurry for them to learn and you don’t mind having them learn at their own pace, then you can enroll them in our Mighty Minnows Program.

Q What if I think it is too expensive?

A Priorities and choices is what we tell our parents. There is no better investment than ensuring your child’s safety. We offer two different ways to teach your child to swim and we give discounts off of registration for siblings as well as monthly discounts for two classes per week, and we have our referral program. YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY TOP PRIORITY. WE WONT STOP… UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD SWIMS!!!

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