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Children with Autism and Down Syndrome Swimming Lessons

Our Learn to Swim in Just 5 Days Swim with Mr. Blue program is perfectly designed to meet the needs of children with Autism and Down Syndrome by the use of repetition, association, playful maneuvers, consistency, songs, toys, colorful puppets, patience, love, encouragement and lots of high fives.

When you sign up for the swim program, you will receive Ms. Julie’s book and may purchase a downloadable DVD from our “Store” entitled Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue, prior to your child’s lessons which will help them to learn and better process the swim program through the use of their receptive language. Your child will not need to have expressive language to join our program.

Ms. Julie and her Certified Instructors, are devoted to teaching your child all about water safety and they each have their own unique way of making your son or daughter feel comfortable in the water. This group of Certified Swim Instructors are always ready and willing to welcome your child with open arms, high fives and warm smiles.

Our qualified Instructors will meet the needs of your child with autism or down syndrome at their own developmental age.

Swimming develops muscles and coordination and is also great for cognitive processing by using multiple steps, such as moving the arms and legs, holding the breath and jumping into the water. Through songs and repetition your child’s cognitive and coordinating skills will develop more, along with their self esteem and the water will make them more relaxed. We also guarantee that we will be able to teach them to swim in just 5 days as long as they don’t have any muscular limitations.

  • If you child with autism of special needs has any physical limitation, then we can NOT guarantee the 5 day and you may need to pay for additional classes.  

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Learn more about Mr. Blue’s Super Swimmers Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children with Autism to swim.

Visit www.superswimmersfoundation.org

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