Miami Infant Drowning

Rather a child is in the pool, at the beach or even in a bathroom, water can be dangerous to children if the right precautions are not taken. Drowning can occur at any time of the year, but it becomes a greater risk during warmer months, when the numbers of drowning accidents skyrocket. Florida alone carries the highest ranking for infant and child drowning. News stations broadcast horrifying reports throughout Florida such as a recent story of a one year old that fell into the family’s backyard swimming pool. The mother dialed 911 and attempted CPR until the child was airlifted to a local Miami hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Officials mentioned that a pool safety fence was not present and could have prevented this unfortunate accident.

Drowning is preventable when safety measures are followed. Children of all ages are curious by nature and are drawn to water. This is why having a pool safety fence set in place to protect infants and children has become so vital as a level of water safety protection. In most drowning cases an infant or child are missing for only a short time and later discovered in the pool. Door alarms can help to notify that a child has excited the home though locking all doors to a pool area is best.

Though most children are taught to swim later in life it is never too soon to have children take swimming and water safety lessons. To prevent further Miami infant drowning accidents parents can enroll their infants as early as six months into age appropriate and skill level appropriate swim classes. These classes teach infants to hold their breath when the face becomes wet, to flip over from a face down position in the water to a face up floating position. Toddlers can learn to swim face in the water then flip to floating to rest then back to swimming until they reach the pool edge.

Florida swimming lessons can be found for children six months through adulthood. The certified swimming instructors of Swim with Mr. Blue have experience teaching children of all ages how to swim as well as water safety. As a part of the Swim with Mr. Blue crew Julie Gross incorporates child friendly learning techniques alongside of encouragement in a friendly and safe environment. The goal is to teach children to swim safely and successfully in the water and provide parents and children the knowledge that will help prevent drowning accidents. Prevention is key to providing children with safe, fun water activities.

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