The Benefits Of Kids In Swimming

Swimming for kids carries an abundance of benefits including fun, stress reduction, exercise and socialization. Kids who are involved in a sport such as swimming also show a greater chance of being more engaged in learning and have a better attitude towards school. They perform better academically and enjoy an increased sense of accomplishment and higher self-esteem. In some cases when a swimmer shows a special talent, it’s great to nurture that ability through lessons or classes. Not every swimmer will go on to be an Olympian but the benefits alone are well worthwhile.

Swimming is an excellent source of physical fitness for kids. It incorporates the entire body and offers an aerobic workout for the heart and lungs when laps or energized swimming is involved. It burns calories while cooling the body for a refreshing workout. Swimming is good for kids also due to it being low impact. Kids bodies are developing and changing as they grow and protecting their joints from severe impact helps them to enjoy activity without injury. Kids who participate in swimming often sleep better at night and have a lower risk of obesity.

Swimming is a great way to incorporate physical fitness, which reduces stress. Kids have a lot more on their plate at a younger age. They are pressured to be more adult like, to begin thinking about their future careers, college and are faced with peer pressure more than ever. Sports such as swimming provide a stress outlet that relieves stress in a safe and positive manner. When stress is left to build children can experience headaches, fatigue and even depression. Swimming can help relieve life’s pressure while putting a smile on their faces.

Swimming has so many wonderful benefits, one of which could be drowning prevention. Teaching a child to swim helps to reduce their chances of becoming a drowning victim. Most children under the age of fourteen drown in a residential pool. By providing kids with professional swim lessons they benefit from all of the above mentioned as well as the life saving benefit of knowing how to swim if they fall or are pushed into the water. For more information about kids in swimming visit

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