Toddler Water Safety Classes

More learning and brain development occur during the toddler years than in any other. They begin to develop a sense of self, learn language, and begin asserting their independence. Toddler hood is the best time to start teaching your child water safety. This is the age of water adjustment. It gives toddlers the opportunity to learn to feel relaxed in the water and to begin to hold their breath. They can learn to swim face down in the water holding their breath, rolling to their back for a resting breath by floating on the back, then to swimming to safety to the pool wall, stairs or ladder.

Because a toddler is so inquisitive and curious by nature they are drawn to the water. They can fall in due to looking at their own reflection or by reaching for a floating toy. This is why it is so important to being teaching toddlers’ water safety lessons in order to prevent drowning due to an accidental fall into the water. This is why parents should teach their children to swim as well as set up a multi layered drowning precaution plan. Water safety precautions should include:

  • Fence the pool-barriers can help keep little ones out
  • Shut and lock the gate-latching gates that automatically lock are best
  • Teach your kids to swim-swimming lessons can begin as early as six months of age
  • Supervise-always have a responsible adult watching children in the water
  • Learn to resuscitate-learn CPR and save a life

Water Safety lessons for toddlers should be provided by a certified swim instructor that has the knowledge and experience of working with children and methods for providing a safe and fun learning environment. Swim With Mr. Blue is one such program that is designed to help young children learn to swim with the help of a fish named Mr. Blue. Young children enjoy the colorful characters and fun water safety songs that help them want to learn safe swimming. Learning to swim gives children a variety of benefits from healthy exercise to enjoyable socializing. The most important benefit however is the increase in safety in the water. For more information on Toddler Water Safety Classes visit

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