Water Safety Classes Toddlers

Toddlers are a part of Florida’s largest drowning statistic. Children age’s two to five have the highest drowning rate in Florida. There have already been cases of near drowning March of 2010. Covered by Channel 7 News a North Lauderdale toddler just 19 months of age was playing hide and seek with family members when he slid into a community lake and began to drown. Neighbors near by pulled the boy out of the water and began performing CPR. If not for these efforts the boy could have lost his life and become a part of Florida’s growing tragedy.

To prevent such instances children should be given water safety lessons that will show them how to react to a fall into the water and how to swim to water’s bank or pool’s edge. The majority of child drowning accidents in Florida occur in a residence pool. Often a pool safety fence is either not present or in poor condition. Pools, lakes and retention ponds have claimed the lives of Florida toddlers.

For water safety classes in South Florida parents can visit www.swimwithmrblue.com. Certified swim instructor Julie Gross and her fellow instructors offer water safety classes, swim lessons and CPR certification courses. Their goal is to teach children how to swim safely and successfully in the water. They also understand that any parent, caregiver or babysitter should be CPR certified for water safety.

CPR increases a child or other rescued persons likelihood of recovering from a drowning incident. CPR ensures that the organs of the body receive the oxygen needed to slow tissue death and continue to move oxygen to the heart and brain. CPR can mean the difference between life and death in a drowning victim. Certification is not complex and can be obtained in a short period of time from a licensed instructor such as Julie Gross. Water safety classes for toddler’s can increase a child’s safety around water and in a state where water is all around you it’s important to use any means of drowning prevention available.

For more information about water safety classes for toddlers visit www.swimwithmrblue.com.

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