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Learn to swim with Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland and Boca’s swimming lesson leader, Swim With Mr. Blue! In just 5 days, babies, children, teens and adults can learn how to swim, increase their comfort in the water, and bring their swimming abilities to a higher level than ever imagined.

All of this and more is possible, thanks to Swim With Mr. Blue. This unique 5-day method guarantees you will be swim safe and will help remove your fear and anxiety of the water.

Swim With Mr. Blue Now Offers Swimming Lessons In Four Locations:  Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland, as well as Boca!  Additionally, we can travel to your home or community pool if desired.  

Swim with Mr. Blue is NOW REGISTERING for our Winter sessions in one of our beautiful Heated Pools!

Recently reduced class sizes!  This means more instructional time for each of your Super Swimmers!

First Come / First Served!  Our pools are heated, and ready for your family!  Our smaller classes will be filling up fast.  Contact us TODAY to register! 

Swim With Mr. Blue – Email: 

Click on Group Swim Class Schedule in “Quick Links” below to view our proposed  class schedules.  *Subject to change

We are so excited to see how many “Super Swimmers” we can make this season! We would love for your child to be ONE of THEM!

Need to MAIL us something??? Please use this ADDRESS:

Swim With Mr. Blue – Mailing Address:

 5094 Coconut Creek Pkwy. #934141

Margate, FL 33093



Coconut Creek Pool Pod  – (5 Day Program and Weekly Privates offered here) Please contact our office to sign up for this location.  

Coral Springs Pool Pod – (Group Classes held here) Please contact our office to sign up for this location.

Parkland Pool Pod  – (5 Day and Weekly Privates offered here)  Please contact our office about information on this exciting location, and how we may accommodate your family! 

Boca Pool Pod – (classes offered here) 

Please email today: to discover how Swim With Mr. Blue can help your child/children on their journey to becoming a “Super Swimmer!”  

You may also reach us by phone: 954-956-9955 

If you are looking for swimming lessons in Broward or Palm Beach County, choose the trusted, guaranteed leader, Swim With Mr. Blue! With South Florida’s high amount of swimming pools, beaches, canals, lakes and other waterways, it is crucial to learn how to swim and be confident of your abilities in the water – let us help you master both in just 5 days.

Contact Swim With Mr.Blue  today for swimming lessons in Coral Springs,  Coconut Creek, Parkland, Plantation, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, or local surrounding areas!  

We specialize in:

  • Coral Springs Swimming Lessons
  • Coconut Creek Swimming Lessons
  • Plantation Swimming Lessons
  • Fort Lauderdale Swimming Lessons
  • Parkland Swimming Lessons
  • Group Swimming Lessons
  • Adult Swimming Lessons
  • Individual Swimming Lessons
  • Special Needs Swimming Lessons – Specifically those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and m

Meet Our Spotlight Super Swimmer!
Testimonal Blog: How your infant can become a Mighty Minnow

Landon’s Journey

Knowing how to swim is so important, especially when you are young and when you live in South Florida. Water is everywhere! Not to mention, drowning is the leading preventable cause of injury or death in kids ages 1 to 4. Swimming lessons are important! Don’t rely on those floaties or water wings or whatever they are called. Your child isn’t going to put them on before accidentally falling into a pool. In my opinion, they are a false sense of security. Instead, teach them the real deal – how to swim! My son Landon started swimming at 6 months old. At first, he liked it. Then, he hated it. Now, at 18 months old, he loves it. Don’t think your child is too young to learn how to swim and don’t stop swimming lessons because they aren’t having fun. They will! It just takes time. read more »

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