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Our 5 Day swim Program is geared towards drowning prevention. We offer this program for 3 different age groups: Baby Blue (6-11 months), Junior Blue (12-17 months), and Mr. Blue (18+ months). These programs are designed for developing basic survival swimming techniques. our 4th 5 day program is not age based but designed for leveling up in swim levels. 

Mr. Blue has group classes broken into levels developed for beginner (BLUE), intermediate (Green), and advanced (YELLOW) swimmers. After you complete a 5 day program your instructor will inform you of the group level best suited for your childs abilities. 

Weekly Privates are designed for maintenance swimming or working towards improved stroke techniques. Once a 5 day program is completed this is a great option to continue to get one-on-one instruction. Weekly privates are not for learning to swim. 

Adult Private Lessons

At Swim With Mr. Blue, we embrace the belief that it’s never too late to learn. That’s why we’re proud to offer our 5-Day Program for adults, tailored to cater to your swimming journey. Over the course of five days, our program is designed to impart the fundamentals of swim survival, with a focus on building a solid foundation. Once the basics are mastered, we progress towards refining stroke techniques, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your swimming development. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards aquatic proficiency and safety.

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