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Coach Julie

       Hey there, I’m Coach Julie Blue owner and operator of Swim With Mr. Blue! Born and raised in sunny South Florida, I’m a proud FSU alum with a bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Recreation. My love for swimming and working with kids has taken me to all sorts of pools and facilities, teaching swimmers of all ages and levels.

      When I’m not coaching, I’m a mom to two teenage boys and Spiritual daughter and have two grandkids who keep me on my toes! I also enjoy exploring local restaurants as a self-proclaimed foodie and treating myself to some self-care.

       My years of teaching have helped me discover the best swim techniques, which inspired me to create Swim With Mr. Blue. Our goal, as our slogan goes, is ‘until the whole world swims.’ Let’s dive in and make some waves together!

Coach Laura

      Hello! I’m Coach Laura, and I’ve been part of the Swim With Mr. Blue crew since 2015. My favorite part of teaching kids to swim is watching them transform from timid to fearless in the water.

    Funny enough, I first came here as a parent looking to get my oldest swimming! I’m a proud mom of three, a huge Harry Potter fan, and I love balancing my time between running and reading.

     I’m originally from Colombia and speak both English and Spanish fluently. I’m thrilled to be here sharing my passion for swimming and helping kids become confident swimmers!

Coach Allison

          Hi, I’m Coach Allison! I was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands and moved to South Florida with my family in 2009. I graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree.

          As a proud mom of two, my journey with Swim With Mr. Blue began when I was volunteering for Swim Central while my kids were participants. I officially joined the Mr. Blue team in 2011 and have since grown with the program.

        I love working with children and firmly believe in the Swim With Mr. Blue approach. I’ve seen firsthand how it benefits not only my own children but every child who walks through our doors.

Coach Emma

    Hey there! I’m Emma, an honor roll student about to dive into my senior year of high school. I absolutely love working with kids and have all the patience in the world for them.

    In my free time, I’m either creating art or hanging out with my family. Fun fact: I went through the 5-Day Program with Swim With Mr. Blue when I was just four! 

    I love being a part of the team, helping kids gain confidence in the water and learn to swim!

Office Staff


     Hey there, I’m Cedricka! I’ve been part of the Swim With Mr. Blue team since 2016. I am originally from the Bahamas, but I moved to sunny South Florida as a kid and graduated from Nova High School in 2011.

     I’m the proud mom of two: a son and daughter who keep me busy and always laughing! When I’m not running a smooth office, you can find me whipping up sweet treats in the kitchen or crafting natural body products—my little side passions!

    Julie has been like a second mom to me since I was nine years old, offering guidance and mentorship that I treasure. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m so grateful to be part of the Swim With Mr. Blue family!


     Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I’m Alexis, and I’ve been part of the Mr. Blue crew since 2012! My journey began when Julie spotted me jumping into the pool with my little sister on the last day of her 5-day program. She believed I had what it took to join the team, and I’ve been part of the family ever since!

    I worked with Swim With Mr. Blue all through college and graduated from FAU in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree. Since then, I’ve balanced my dual careers as an Elementary Teacher and a devoted member of the Mr. Blue team. I’ve worn many hats here, including Swim Instructor, Office Manager, Social Media Manager, and Website Developer.

      The Mr. Blue family has been there for me through life’s biggest moments. I’m a proud wife and mom of three, currently living in Indiana, but I’m still very much connected to my Mr. Blue family.

In my free time, you’ll find me reading, taking on home DIY projects, and shuttling the kids to their sports practices and games. It’s a busy life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

HR & Bookkeeper


Hi, I’m Tracy! I’ve been with Swim With Mr. Blue since the very beginning. My faith is incredibly important to me, and I find strength in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I live in beautiful North Carolina with my husband Bill and our three adorable cats, Scooter, Kiwi, and Muffin. In my free time, you’ll find me traveling, playing tennis, camping, and soaking up the great outdoors with friends.

Life is all about adventure and meaningful connections for me!

Do you have a love and passion for teaching kids or experience with swimming and/ or teaching? 

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