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Five Day Programs

We offer 4 different 5 day programs to better serve you!

Baby Blue

5 Day Programs

Ages 6-11 Months

Welcome to the Baby Blue Program for babies aged 6-11 months —a fun-filled adventure spanning five consecutive days of 30-minute classes tailored to introduce your little one to the joys of the water. Our aim? To make splashing around a breeze and boost your baby’s confidence every step of the way!

During each session, we’ll dive into a medley of activities, from singing catchy tunes to practicing arm and leg movements, all while showering your baby with heaps of praise. Plus, we’ll kickstart the pool safety journey by teaching them how to “choo-choo” along the wall towards the stairs—a cute and essential skill!

Whether it’s a cozy one-on-one with the instructor or a splash-tastic adventure with you by their side, our classes are all about flexibility and fun. And if we think a little extra support from mom or dad could help boost confidence or build those tiny muscles, we’ll definitely give you the nod!

While we aim to wrap up the program in five consecutive days, Mother Nature might throw us a curveball now and then. But fear not! Rain or shine, we’re committed to making sure your baby’s water journey stays on track.

So, grab your swimsuits and get ready for a week of laughter, learning, and lots of adorable splashes. The Baby Blue Program is here to turn your little one into a water-loving superstar!

Junior Blue


Ages 12-17 Months

Introducing the Junior Blue 5-Day Program, specially tailored for little ones aged 12 to 17 months. Across five engaging sessions, we lay the foundation for essential swim skills, empowering your junior swimmers to kick, reach, and navigate towards safety with confidence.

Throughout the program, our dedicated instructors work closely with each child, providing personalized attention and guidance. Sessions can be conducted either one-on-one with the instructor or with parental involvement, depending on the child’s needs and comfort level. Parents may also be invited to join in the water to offer additional support and encouragement, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Our curriculum focuses on gradual skill development, introducing concepts such as kicking, reaching for the wall, and “choo-chooing” along the wall towards the stairs—a crucial step towards water safety awareness. Each day builds upon the progress made in previous sessions, ensuring a steady and enjoyable learning experience for both parent and child.

At the heart of the Junior Blue Program lies a commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive environment where young swimmers can thrive. Through interactive activities, positive reinforcement, and gentle guidance, we strive to instill a love for swimming while equipping children with essential aquatic skills.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of discovery and growth. With the Junior Blue 5-Day Program, your little one will take their first steps towards becoming a confident and capable swimmer, all while having fun in the water!

Mr. Blue

Ages 18+ Months

Welcome to the Mr. Blue 5-Day Program for Children Ages 18 Months and Up:

In just five days, your little one will be confidently swimming back to the wall all by themselves. Our program offers personalized attention, with individual sessions between the instructor and your child. Parental participation is required on the last day to ensure continued success in swimming. Additionally, parents may be invited to participate during the week to provide extra support or encouragement as needed.

Please note: If your child has any special needs or was born prematurely, they’ll join our “Junior Blue” program, where parental involvement is essential, regardless of age. All our swim programs are interactive, incorporating various engaging learning methods.

Here’s what each day entails:

Day 1: Getting Started
Meet the instructor and get acquainted.
Your child will learn fundamental skills like breath control, kicking, and reaching for the wall, using colorful toys and songs from our “Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue” book and DVD.

Day 2: Skill Development
Review of previous skills with the addition of arm movements and singing exercises.
Introduction to swimming independently to the wall with gentle support and back floating techniques.

Day 3: Building Confidence
Continued practice of previous skills.
Introduction to jumping into the water, turning around, and swimming back to the wall, accompanied by our “Humpty Jumpty” swim song.

Day 4: Advancing Skills
Further practice and introduction to underwater toy retrieval.
Application of swimming skills from a standing position and potential progression to deeper water.

Day 5: Assessment and Family Participation
Evaluation of your child’s swimming abilities in a simulated scenario.
Parental involvement in the water to observe and learn the techniques taught throughout the week. Guidance is provided for practicing at home to prepare your child for the next level of their swim journey.

Interested in hosting a group of 5 or more for private lessons? Ask us about arranging sessions with friends and family in the comfort of your own home!

Level up

Offered at any age

Welcome to the Mr. Blue 5-Day Level Up Program, an immersive experience meticulously designed to elevate swimmers’ skills and confidence within a condensed timeframe. Over the course of five days, participants dive into a comprehensive curriculum carefully crafted to refine their techniques, enhance endurance, and instill a deep-rooted understanding of water safety practices. Through a combination of structured lessons and individualized feedback, swimmers embark on a journey of self-discovery, pushing their limits and surpassing expectations.

Our program is built upon a foundation of excellence, guided by experienced instructors dedicated to unlocking the full potential of each participant. From novice swimmers seeking to master the basics to seasoned athletes striving for greater proficiency, our Level Up Program caters to individuals of all skill levels and aspirations. Through a blend of hands-on instruction, engaging activities, and immersive learning experiences, participants are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the water.

Each day of the program offers a unique opportunity for growth and progress. From mastering fundamental strokes to refining advanced techniques, our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to provide a holistic approach to skill development. Participants are encouraged to push beyond their comfort zones, embrace challenges, and celebrate achievements as they navigate the waters with newfound confidence and assurance.

But our program goes beyond mere skill acquisition; it fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, creating an environment where mutual support and encouragement thrive. Whether it’s cheering on a fellow swimmer during a challenging drill or celebrating a personal milestone, the Level Up Program cultivates a supportive atmosphere where success is celebrated and obstacles are overcome together.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together, transcending boundaries and unlocking new possibilities in the realm of swimming. The Mr. Blue 5-Day Level Up Program isn’t just about mastering strokes; it’s about discovering the strength within, forging lifelong connections, and embracing the boundless potential that lies within each of us. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities in the water—welcome to the Mr. Blue experience.

Swim With Mr. Blue

Pricing Table

Below you will find the pricing for our 5 day program based on location and how many children you are signing up. 

Swim With Mr. Blue

Pricing Table

Below you will find the pricing for our 5 day program based on location and how many children you are signing up. 

Broward County
Home private

Home or community pool


*includes Learn to Swim With Mr. Blue book.
  •  $2670 for 2 Children 
  • $3955 for 3 Children
  • If more than 3 Children please email for pricing.  

Our Locations

Coconut Creek & Parkland


*includes Learn to Swim With Mr. Blue book.
  •  $1075 for 2 Children
  • $1600 for 3 Children
  • If more than 3 Children please email for pricing.  

Palm Beach County
Home Private

Home or community pool


*includes Learn to Swim With Mr. Blue book.
  •  $3070 for 2 Children
  • $4555 for 3 Children
  • If more than 3 Children please email for pricing.  

Want to take our Learn to Swim With Mr. Blue book anywhere you go? You can download our digital video here!

Book now and give your child the confidence they need to enjoy a lifetime of swimming!

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