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Parkland and Coral Springs Swim Lessons give your child the tools for swimming safe this summer in South Florida!

The first order of business this summer should be teaching your child how to swim. Not only is it necessary, it is life saving. Call Swim With Mr. Blue today, at: (954)-956-9955 or visit us at swimwithmrblue.com!

Swim With Mr. Blue offers several swim classes based on the age and ability of our swimmers. The most critical classes offered are for children under 5 years of age, which include an introduction to the water that will relieve fear and anxiety, which is common in young children who have had limited water exposure. These classes also teach life saving swimming skills, which is imperative due to the high risk of drowning in children in this age group. Swim With Mr. Blue is a leader of certified swim instruction, and we are dedicated to providing your child with the vital tools he or she needs to a safe swimming South Florida resident.

Parkland Parents: It’s never to early for your child to learn how to swim.

Swim With Mr. Blue’s Baby Guppies swim class is for ages 6 to 24 months, and it is a Mommy and Me class that is designed to teach both the parent or guardian and child water safety skills, while providing a comfortable introduction to the water.  Important swimming skills are learned in this class, which include:

  • Blowing bubbles and holding our breath
  • Kicking feet
  • Rowing arms
  • Floating
  • Opening eyes under the water, face submersion
  • Reaching for, getting back to, and moving along the wall of the pool.

This class includes a Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue book and DVD for you to share and read with your child, which will also familiarize you with the course concept and songs used in class as part of the method for learning.  Repetition, songs, and fun make this class a successful learning environment that your child will love.

Coral Springs Families: Prepare your child with Swim With Mr. Blue’s Swim Safe 5 Day Program.

Because your child will need to be independent in their swimming abilities, ages 18 months and older are what we recommend for our Mr. Blue’s Learn to Swim in 5 Days Tiny Tadpoles Program. This program is private, one on one, 30 minute, 5 consecutive day swim program that will teach your child important safety skills that will help them recover when they fall into a pool or body of water. Here are some highlights of this program:

  • Day One: Your child will receive a warm welcoming, meet and greet with his or her swim instructor. After High-fives are exchanged , we move to the pool where your child will learn how to hold his or her breath underwater, how to kick in position, how to reach for the wall, and how to ‘choo-choo’ along the wall, all with the help of colorful toys and songs that we sing. These songs are included in the Learn to Swim With Mr. Blue story. 
  • Day Two: A review of day one will take place, and we will introduce rowing arms, we will also teach your child how to get to the wall on their own while being gently guided. We will also introduce floating on the back while being supported. 
  • Day Three: On day 3, we will teach the ‘humpty jumpty’ jump and swim while singing the Humpty Jumpty song as your child learns how to jump into the water from the wall. They will then turn around in the water, and swim back to the wall. This is practiced repeatedly throughout the lesson. 
  • Day Four: On day 4, we begin teaching your child how to go underwater to retrieve toys that sink. We continue practicing the Humpty Jumpty swim in a standing position now, and may position your child in deeper water and have them swim back to the wall. 
  • Day Five: Today your child will have a swim test, fully clothed to simulate what it would be like if they accidentally fell in the pool. We invite parents into the water for this lesson, and we go over all of the swim techniques taught over the past week, to make sure both parents and child are capable of performing the skills, so that more practice can take place at home!

We emphasize the importance of practicing these skills repetitively at home so that they are not forgotten. These skills need to be second nature to your child so that they will not panic in the actual event of falling in the pool or a body of water. 

Swim With Mr. Blue strongly recommends securing swim instructor for your Parkland or Coral Springs child who is under 5 Years of Age, to practice the best method of prevention. The Mr. Blue’s Learn to Swim in 5 Days Tiny Tadpole program is affordably priced, with discounts for hosting a group of 2, 3 or more children for 5 or more private lessons at your home visit: Our Website! For pricing information and to learn ways to save. Have a safe and happy summer!

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