Autism Swimming Lessons South Florida

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(PRWEB) April 20, 2010 – Water safety for children is obvious as it protects children from drowning and helps keep them safe in and around the water. All children need to learn to swim but in the situation of a child who is less aware of his or her surrounding and challenged with communication, it is even more crucial. April is water safety month as well as Autism Awareness Month, which is why Julie Gross and the Swim With Mr. Blue crew are actively promoting these messages throughout their South Florida community.

Autism Swimming Lessons South Florida

Julie Gross and her fellow certified swim instructors are making great efforts in teaching children of all ages and abilities to swim safely. The Swim With Mr. Blue crew celebrates Autism Awareness Month by participating in multiple community events that promote water safety, swimming lessons and Autism Awareness through their fun packed water safety puppet show. Ms. Julie has a deep love and compassion for kids that have been blessed to be Autistic. She believes that each child is precious and some of us just need a little more tender love and care. Ms. Julie understands that many children with Autism really do well in the water because they feel relaxed when they are in the water. Children with Autism adapt and learn very well with repetition, association and memorization of stories and songs. This is why so many children who are on the spectrum benefit from the Swim With Mr. Blue program.

Autism Swimming Lesson With Swim With Mr. Blue

It is especially important for children with emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders to learn to swim through one-on-one instruction offered by a certified swim instructor that understands and has worked with autistic children before. Children who have difficulty processing the sensory input in the world often find swimming to be a welcome respite and Ms. Julie makes every effort to connect with each of her swim students for a fun and comfortable experience. Please join Ms. Julie and celebrate Autism Awareness Month and for more information about Autism Swimming Lessons visit or call (954) 956-9955.

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