Group Swim Class Schedule

Junior Blue – 12 – 17 months

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– Over 5 days, these classes are designed to start building the necessary swim skills so your junior swimmers are able to begin kicking and reaching for the wall.  They will also start choo-chooing along the wall to get to the stairs and safety. They be taught either one on one with only instructor and child, or with the parent in the water.  In some cases, the instructor may ask the parent to get in to help increase confidence or leg and arm strength if needed and is on an individual basis.

** (If your child has any physical or cognitive delays, medical conditions or procedures (including ear tubes) , or was born premature which may impair their learning, please include that information in your registration so we can better serve your child. All three 5 – day swim programs involve hands on learning utilizing all three learning modalities:  visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

Pricing is as follows for each 5 Day Program:

Broward (our locations) – $550

Broward (Your home or Community Pool) – $1,045

Palm Beach (our locations) – $650

Palm Beach (Your home or Community Pool) – $1,185

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