Kids Swim Safety

Teaching kids swim safety is an important tool in preventing accidental drowning. Infant and child drowning is a huge problem throughout the United States but Florida carries the highest drowning rate of all fifty states. As a popular vacation destination Florida counties are increasing their public awareness of their alarming child-drowning rate and providing tips and tools for its prevention. Drowning is preventable with swim safety enforcement alongside of protective barriers, adult supervision and emergency preparation such as CPR certification. Children are never too young to be taught safety rules as well as swimming lessons.

Children should be aware that the swimming pool is off limits without mom, dad or another adult. To reinforce this the pool area should be fenced off and locked at all times. Children from six months and up can receive beginner swim lessons that will provide them with the knowledge needed to aid them in the ability to swim to the pool wall or float while calling for help. Infants learn to be calm in the water, to kick and blow bubbles in the water. Teaching children to swim at a young age gives them the foundation for becoming a super swimmer.

Infant and child swim lessons along with water safety can be taught with the guidance of the children’s book Learn To Swim With Mr. Blue. Certified swim instructor Julie Gross wrote this book. Julie and the other professional swim instructors of the Mr. Blue Swimming Crew use songs, puppets and the Swim With Mr. Blue Book /DVD alongside of in the pool lessons that teach children safe swimming. Children enjoy the colorful characters and friendly, comfortable atmosphere that Julie and her team provide. Through these tools and the unique five-day lessons from Julie Gross and her team they can teach anyone to swim. Swimming lessons should be used as a part of a multi-level prevention plan so that children can enjoy swimming in the safest way possible. Kids swim safety is key to preventing infant and child drowning around the world.

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