Safety Skills: Baby Swim Class

As a parent the first time you hear of baby swim class you may find yourself in doubt that such a thing is a reality. Can babies really learn to swim? Baby swim class is not intended to make your child an Olympic swimmer it is the creation of a solid swim foundation that increases confidence in the water. Kicking, floating and blowing bubbles in the water are the first steps in swim lessons. Babies six months to twenty-four months can be taught to kick and flip themselves over to a floating position in the event that they accidentally fall into a pool. The infant is taught through repetition and encouragement, which is how children naturally learn.

Baby Swim Class Is Part Of A Infant Drowning Prevention Plan

A baby swim class teaches an infant competence, confidence and the skills for aquatic safety. It is a self-rescue technique that can help prevent infant drowning. This is by no means a reason to neglect other water safety guidelines but acts as a part of an infant drowning prevention plan. A pool should be fenced in with self-locking gates and all toys should be kept out of and away from the pool. Any time children are around the water there should be an adult to supervise. Drowning is one hundred percent preventable with safety practices are used.

Baby Swim Class Is Taught By Certified Swim Instructors

Baby swim class not only gives a baby safety skills but it also offers exercise, enjoyment and socialization. Baby swim class can be held one-on-one or in a group setting. A certified swim instructor such as Julie Gross as well as her other certified instructors can provide baby swim class at a home pool or by scheduling time in their pool. All certified swim instructors of Swim With Mr. Blue are CPR certified and can help teach the required swimming skills for great swimming throughout a baby’s life. The sooner a baby learns to swim the safer they can be.

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