Parkland and Coral Springs Parents: Swim With Mr. Blue Welcomes Children With Special Needs and Provides Them With Superior Swim Instruction.

Miss Julie and her highly skilled and certified team take pleasure in teaching children with special needs, various challenges, and disabilities how to swim. Visit:

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children and adults with Autism. However, Swim With Mr. Blue is working to change that statistic. Our staff is dedicated to working with all children to teach them how to become safe swimmers, including those with special needs, so that they can draw upon the skills we teach them throughout their lives whenever they are near water. Children on the spectrum, as well as any children with physical or mental disabilities also deserve the chance to embrace the many benefits and joy that swimming has to offer.

Parkland and Coral Springs children on the Autistic spectrum achieve great success with swim lessons at Swim With Mr. Blue!

All swim lessons are adaptable for swimmers with special needs. The team at Swim With Mr. Blue is experienced in working with children on the Autistic spectrum, with Cerebral Palsy, and Downs Syndrome, as well as other special needs or developmental delays. Our lessons include distinctive strategies that work well with children who have special needs, and we also include generous amounts of patience, encouragement and love. Your child does not have to be fully verbal to join our program. We welcome your child with open arms, and our certified swim instructors work with each child individually, and are skilled in determining how to make your child feel comfortable in the water in order to encourage their optimal potential for learning. Research has shown that the stimulating effects of swimming instruction have the potential to increase alertness, concentration, perception and intelligence.  Social and emotional improvements, as well as physical and developmental advances have been documented through swim instruction as well. Swim With Mr. Blue will help your child achieve their safe swimming goals!

Swim With Mr. Blue is proud of its team of certified swim instructors, who are highly trained to work with children, including those with special needs.  Our instructors are able to determine each child’s challenges, fears, and interests. Visual supports, repetition, flexibility, and encouragement are some of the tools used in Swim With Mr. Blue’s instruction in Parkland and Coral Springs. Our swimmers learn in a positive and welcoming environment, and private lessons ensure that children progress at their own pace, and move on to the next level only when they are ready. The lessons are personalized, because every child is different, and our skilled instructors understand that.  Thiscustomized instruction allows our instructors to help your child develop skills, conquer their fears, and build self-confidence.

Parkland and Coral Springs parents can rest assured knowing that their children are learning how to swim from the very best at Swim With Mr. Blue!

Swim With Mr. Blue is lucky to have the most dedicated and professional instructors on our team, ensuring that your children are in the best hands as they learn important skills that can save their lives. Ms. Julie, the founder of Swim With Mr. Blue, is a native Floridian who is a certified Water Safety Instructor, CPR/First Aid instructor, and Lifeguard instructor.  She is certified in elementary education, and has taught in the public school system for over 10 years. Miss Julie’s love of working with children, and her experience working with children who are physically challenged in an adapted aquatics program, motivated her to start an Aquatics Sports Camp. Soon after,she founded Swim With Mr. Blue in 2007. The rest is history!

Coach Mark is CPR and WSI certified with over ten years of swimming instruction and lifeguard experience. He recently completed his degree at Florida Atlantic University with a major in History. He is involved with the Frist Priority Club at West Glades Middle School, and was awarded “Outstanding Swim Instructor of the Year” by Swim America in 2008. Coach Mark teaches Lifeguard and CPR certification classes at Swim With Mr. Blue.

Miss Shannon began working with children at age 12, as a CPR certified babysitter. Since then, she has become certified as an American Red Cross lifeguard, in CPR, First Aid, and AED, and has a degree in Nutrition and Education.  She has been working at Swim With Mr. Blue since 2013 and she loves being a part of the team, teaching the children how to be safe in the water, and being a part of their success.

Call Swim With Mr. Blue to learn more about our swim instruction programs available for children with special needs at: (954) 956 – 9955, or visit: today for more information. We look forward to teaching your child how to swim at Swim With Mr. Blue this summer!

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