Kids Swimming Lessons

As parents we strive to ensure that our children are given everything they need to succeed, to be healthy and happy. We choose the best schooling, a nutritious diet and a positive social environment. One tool that we can offer our children that fits into this goal is kid-swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are an excellent tool that can assist your child in personal growth through the building of self-esteem, a positive social gathering as well as healthy physical exercise. On top of all of its amazing benefits swimming lessons help our children to be safe.

Accidental child drowning is a serious problem. Over 300 children a year lose their lives in residential swimming pool drowning. For many of us as parents we may not see this as such a large risk. This can be the feeling especially for those in city settings where water is not abundant or those who do not have a home pool. Children however are drawn to water and often come face to face with a pool, lake or ocean while on vacation, swim camp or at a friend’s home.

Swim lessons teach children water safety along with age appropriate swim techniques. The professional swim instructors of the Swim With Mr. Blue team understand the importance of swimming lessons for kids. Certified swim instructor Julie Gross has written a children’s book called Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue. With colorful characters, songs, a DVD and puppet show Julie has created a kid friendly swim safety tool that kids enjoy and can relate to. Along with over twenty years of swim instructor experience Julie and her team of fellow certified swim instructors provide an encouraging, friendly and safe environment that can teach children to swim in a unique five day swim lesson course. Infants as young as six months up through adulthood can receive swim lessons from Julie and her team. It’s never too soon or too late to learn to swim.

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