Infant Swim Classes

It is never too soon to begin teaching your children about water safety. One of the most spoken preventive measures is swimming lessons. Children are very curious by nature and they will fall or even jump into the water. Whether you have a pool, like to swim, or just enjoy dips in the ocean or lake learn how to swim properly. Regardless of a person’s age or skill level, there are always skills that can be improved. If you don’t know how to swim at all, it’s never too late to learn.

Infants can be taught to hold their breath, to flip over from a face down position in the water to a face up floating position. This is a form of self-rescue swimming and can increase a child’s survival rate upon an accidental fall into the water. Adults should take a CPR certification course because CPR can save a life. In most near drowning cases a child survived mainly due to CPR administration. On top of teaching your infant to swim here are some other useful drowning prevention tips:

  • Do not rely on a flotation devices to keep your children safe, if you must use one never take your eyes of them. It only takes two minutes under water to lose consciousness.
  • Educate yourself and your children. Enroll your children and yourself in regular swim lessons as well as certify yourself in CPR.
  • Do not leave toys or other obstacles around the pool area where someone could trip and fall in the water unexpectedly or draw a child’s curiosity to enter the water for a toy.
  • Install pool fences. If you have young children or have young children visit you often, have a pool gate or fence installed to prevent children from going near the pool.
  • Keep doors leading outside locked as well as install an alarm to notify you if a child enters or exits a doorway to the pool area.

It takes only a matter of seconds for a child to fall into a pool and drown. Drowning is the most preventable accident that takes the lives of children under the age of 14. It is never too soon to begin teaching your children to swim.

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