Famous South Florida Swimming Pools

South Florida offers a long swimming history from the first concrete pools of the 1900’s to famous aquatic sports athletic training sites. Citizens and vacationers alike have the opportunity to visit and often swim in a variety of famous swimming sites. These South Florida swimming pools can be found online by searching Florida vacation sites as well as performing a basic Internet search. Below are a few of the many swimming pool treasures that are available in South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex

Built in 1965, the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex, formerly named the Hall of Fame Aquatic Complex is owned and operated by the City of Fort Lauderdale. Considered a leader and pioneer among the world’s top aquatic centers, the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex contains two 50-meter Olympic-size pools, a diving pool, a teaching pool and a spa. The Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex is open 365 days a year, allowing Citizens and visitors of Fort Lauderdale the opportunity to swim in the same pool that Olympic and World Champions train and ten world records have been set. The pool is still a training site for many national and international teams making the complex unique in that it is also a public facility. Visit http://ci.ftlaud.fl.us/flac.

Thomas Alva Edison’s Fort Myers Florida Home Pool

In 1910 Thomas Edison built one of Florida’s first modern swimming pools for his family, friends and guests in Fort Myers Florida. It is constructed of Edison Portland Cement, for which he had 40 patents dealing with its development and production. It was surrounded with decorative foliage, which he produced from his experiments as a botanist. It has stood the test of time as his home and its original interior from an era from long ago. Visitors can enjoy a tour of Edison’s home, pool and cottage year round, seven days a week. Visit http://www.efwefla.org/home.

Venetian Pool Of Coral Gables Florida

Before the stone quarry was abandoned in 1921, while limestone mining developer Mr. Merrick hit the Biscayne aquifer. This filled the rock quarry with 820,000 gallons of natural spring water. This historic natural spring pool was designed by architect Phineas Paist and completed in the spring of 1924. The pool gets its name from the theme of a Venetian lagoon, complete with Venetian style-bridge and classic mooring posts. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. And has been developed into a public swimming pool for Miami-Dade County. Visit http://www.coralgablesvenetianpool.com.

The International Swimming Hall Of Fame In Fort Lauderdale

The International Swimming Hall of Fame is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is dedicated to the history, memory, and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, and synchronized swimmers. They inspire those young and old through their lives and accomplishments. The ISHOF offers a museum featuring video clips, amazing photos and inspiring exhibits such as “ Women In Swimming”. Visit http://www.ishof.org.

There are so many unique and breathtaking famous swimming pools in Southern Florida that an entire vacation could be built around visiting them alone. For more information about South Florida swimming pools visit www.swimwithmrblue.com.

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