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THE MR BLUE 5 DAY PROGRAM AGES 18 MONTHS AND UP – (For babies ages 6 Months – 17 Months see “Baby Blue” or “Junior Blue” programs)

In just 5 days, your child will learn to swim back to the wall successfully on their own without any assistance. This program must be taught one on one with only the instructor and child in the water, but parent participation is required on the last day to learn how to work the program for continued swim success.  In some cases, the instructor may ask the parent to get in to help increase confidence or leg and arm strength if needed and is on an individual basis.  

*** (If your child has any physical or cognitive delays, medical conditions or procedures (including ear tubes) , or was born premature which may impair their learning, they will be asked to join our “Junior Blue” program with a parent in the water regardless of age.  All three 5 – day swim programs involve hands on learning utilizing all three learning modalities:  visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

Pricing is as follows for each 5 Day Program:

Broward (our locations) – $550

Broward (Your home or Community Pool) – $1,045

Palm Beach (our locations) – $650

Palm Beach (Your home or Community Pool) – $1,185 

Email TeamBlue@SwimWithMrBlue.Com to schedule your classes today!! 

BLUE PROGRAM OUTLINE: Ages 18 + Months Old: 

Day 1

You will first be greeted by one of our certified Swim with Mr. Blue swim instructors who will introduce themselves to you and your child and will take a moment to say hello and give your child a high five. On the first day we start to teach your child how to hold their breath underwater, to kick in a prone body position using a special kickstick and noodle, to reach for the wall and learn to “choochoo” along the wall. We use our colorful toys (Mr. Blue and Po Po the frog) from our Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue book.  We also offer a fun to watch DVD, which can be downloaded instantly for purchase under our “Media” tab.   Both the book and separate video download go along with the Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue story. We continue to review these skills for the entire 30 minute lesson.

Day 2

On the second day we review the skills learned in day 1 while introducing rowing arms and singing Row, row, row your arms… Then we start to release your child to the wall on their own with a gentle hand behind their head to guide them. We also gently place your child on their back while supporting their head and sing to them Twinkle,Twinkle Mr. Blue… while encouraging them to stick their belly out and keep their head back.

Day 3

On day 3 we review all of the skills that we have learned for the past 2 days and we introduce the “Humpty Jumpty” swim singing Humpty Jumpty sat on the wall.. We count to 3 teaching your child to jump in the water from the wall, turn around in the water and swim back to the wall. We practice this skill many times during the 30 minute lesson. Day 3 is generally the most emotional session!

Day 4

On Day 4 we review all of the skills that we have learned for the past 4 days and we start to have your child go underwater to retrieve our toys that sink. We first count to 3 and then we have your child take a deep breath and go under the water to retrieve the toy. We continue to have your child do the “Humpty Jumpty swim” off the wall now in a standing position. We may even place them in deeper water and have them swim back to the wall.

Day 5

Day 5 is your child’s swim test in which they are gently placed in the water right near the side of the pool. (where they would typically fall in) your child will be wearing their bathing suit along with their shoes. This simulates what would happen if they ever were to accidently fall into the water. Then we have you the parent come in the water with us and we teach them all the techniques we used throughout the week. We make sure you can perform all of the same skills that your child learned and that you understand the importance of practicing these skills in the water with your child for the days and months to come!  Now your child is ready for Mr. Blue’s “Swim Safe” B2 Level program.  Please ask about hosting a group of 5 or more private lessons at your home.

Email TeamBlue@SwimWithMrBlue.Com to schedule your classes today!!   Updated Prices listed below.  

Mr. Blue 5 Day Program
Pricing Information
1 Child 2 Children
(same family)
3 children
(same family)
Our Broward locations $550 $1,075$1,600
Our Palm Beach locations $650$1,275$1,900
In Home Pricing Information1 child2 children3 children
5 Day Program Home
Broward County
5 Day Program Home
Palm Beach
Other Areas  Email Now  Email Now  Email Now

If you prefer, we also offer private swimming lessons for up to 4-5 children in your home pool for your convenience. For information please Email TeamBlue@SwimWithMrBlue.com or call (954) 956-9955 and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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