Summer Equals Kids And Swimming

Summer officially begins on June 20 and is approaching fast. Summer sun equals kids and swimming. Kids in every neighborhood will be swimming, running through sprinklers and soaking each other with squirt guns and water balloons. Kids and swimming go hand in hand like marshmallows and hot chocolate or ketchup and french-fries. They are naturally drawn to the water in swimming pools, lakes, ponds, rivers and the ocean. No matter where the water is they will seek it for a refreshing dip. This is why it is vital to teach kids how to enjoy the water safely.

Kids need to know how to swim for their safety and well being. There are a handful of opportunities that they will face in life in which swimming lessons will benefit them. Consider children’s pool parties, the water park, school white water rafting trips and the list goes on. Children do not have to take Olympic level courses but basic swimming lessons from a certified swimming instructor can ensure that when they find themselves in the water they can float, hold their breath and swim to the water’s edge (riverbank, pool wall, etc.) for safe rescue.

To find swimming lessons for kids there are several options. Your parks and recreation department will generally provide several opportunities for your children to learn to swim throughout the summer. Many times your local college or university will offer swim lessons for the community children to participate in. You can contact your local swimming association or club. The Red Cross also has a swim program simply contact your local American Red Cross office for more information. No matter which venue you choose make sure that the swim instructor is certified and is trained in CPR and first aid.

Swimming is fun, it’s a healthy form of exercise and it’s a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Just ensure that safety measures are followed and that swimmers and non-swimmers alike have responsible adult supervision at all times. For more information about kids and swimming visit

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