Parkland Swim Lessons Can Save Your Child’s Life

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Miss Julie and the trained staff at Swim With Mr. Blue can Make Your Child swim safe in just 5 days. It’s important that you take action today.

Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children ages 1 – 4, with 71% of drowning deaths occurring in residential swimming pools. It is 100% preventable, and only you can protect your child from becoming part of this grim statistic.

Miss Julie and her skilled swim teachers at Swim With Mr. Blue are committed to teaching every child how to swim in the Parkland and Coral Springs communities, as well in many other communities throughout south Florida. Miss Julie and her team work with swimmers as young as 6 months old, and also provide children and adults of all ages with swim instruction, helping everyone become the best swimmer they can be.

Most children who have not had regular exposure to the water tend to be fearful of it, or anxious around it.  The first step in becoming swim safe is to build your child’s comfort level and confidence so they can acquire the swimming skills they need to become competent swimmers. The Swim With Mr. Blue facility has a pool that is heated year round, and a professionally trained, warm and friendly swim teacher who will work with your child.  Of course, Swim with Mr. Blue also gets help from Mr. Blue himself, who also used to be afraid of the water! Now, he helps children gain the courage they need, through his book and DVD that every student swimmer receives at the beginning of instruction. These tools help children feel comfortable trusting Mr. Blue swim teachers and staff to teach them the skills they need to be safe swimmers!


Every child in the Parkland community needs to learn swimming survival skills. Every Parkland parent and guardian needs to make this a priority.

Florida is the number one state in the country for drowning deaths of children.  Children who live in Broward County or reside in the state of Florida need to learn swimming skills just as much as they need to learn any other life skill.

The drowning deaths of children in south Florida has grown into an epidemic, proven in one tragic statistic: it’s the number one killer of children here. The real tragedy is that every one of these deaths is completely preventable.  Although the number one cause for accidental child or infant drowning is poor supervision, even the most attentive parents cannot turn their backs for a minute, or take their eyes off of a child near water for a second, that’s how quickly drowning can occur.  Although there are useful methods for drowning prevention that Swim With Mr. Blue always urges parents and guardians to utilize, there is no better, no more effective method of prevention that you can protect your child with than teaching them how to swim.


Ensuring that your child learns how to swim is a crucial survival skill no less important than the skills they will learn in school.

It’s just that simple.  Every child who is a resident of Parkland, Coral Springs, or any other community in south Florida – the location with the highest instances of drowning deaths in the state each year – needs to learn how to swim. Otherwise they are not properly prepared for survival.

Call Swim with Mr. Blue today to learn more information and schedule your child’s life saving swimming instruction, at (954) 956 – 9955, or visit: Don’t delay, summer is here. Here’s to a safe and happy summer for every child!

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