Swimming For Babies

Professional swim instructor Julie Gross and her team of certified swim teachers offer infant swim lessons for babies six months to sixteen months of age. Swimming lessons for babies teach the basic swim skills that are the foundation for building successful swimmers. Babies are given the opportunity to gain confidence in the water, how it feels to get water on their face as well as holding their breath. Baby swim lessons are not meant to throw an infant into the pool and expect them to swim to the pool edge for safety. Baby swim lessons can however teach infants to hold their breath, to kick and flip or rotate themselves from a face down position to a floating face up position for safety.

Babies can be taught to float calmly and cry out for rescue. It is the frantic flailing in the water and frantic effort to keep the head above the water that often causes a child to drown. Learning to flip over and float calmly increases a child’s survival in the event of a fall into a pool or other body of water. Julie Gross and her team have years of experience teaching children to swim and now incorporate the Swim with Mr. Blue book, DVD and other character themed items to teach children swim safety. The program is showing an increase in children’s desire to learn through this fun, child friendly program. They not only teach infant swimming lessons but child and adult lessons as well. The Swim with Mr. Blue crew makes it their goal to teach children to swim safely and successfully in the water.

Swim with Mr. Blue swimming lessons:

  • Infant swim lessons-6 months through 16 months
  • Child swim lessons-17 months through 5+ years
  • Adult beginner swim lessons- 16+ years through adult
  • Improving technique swim lessons- 5+ years through adult

*Also available: CPR, First aid and Competitive swim training.

For more information about swimming for babies visit www.swimwithmrblue.com

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