Swimming For Babies

When it comes to swimming lessons for children the sooner the safer. Infant and child drowning is a serious concern. Drowning is one hundred percent preventable through safety measures including swimming lessons. Baby swim class is the beginning foundation that enables children to become comfortable with the water and begin to build beginner skills for swimming. Babies learn to blow bubbles teaching them to exhale rather than inhale the water. They are introduced to getting their face in the water. The goal of a swimming lesson for babies is not so much to swim but to increase their confidence in the water.

Parents can get into the pool with their babies from 6 months to 24 months of age. Babies will begin to kick their legs under water, which is great exercise for them. They can enjoy the experience of other babies for socialization and have fun with mom and dad. Swimming lessons for babies help develop skills needed for future development into great swimmers.

Swimming lessons for babies can be the beginning tools for infant drowning prevention. The Swim with Mr. Blue crew offer private one on one lessons or group lessons for infants starting at the age of six months. They have multiple certified swim instructors including Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue author Julie Gross. Julie developed a variety of colorful characters that she uses to teach swim safety in a kid friendly atmosphere. Julie and her crew also offer CPR courses for parents who want to build a multi-layered drowning prevention plan. Julie Gross and the Swim with Mr. Blue team make it their goal to teach every child to swim safely and successfully in the water.

For more information about swimming for babies visit www.swimwithmrblue.com

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